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Be Active Gyms is based in Northampton, but we can supply and install adult gym equipment throughout the UK. If you're looking to get outdoor exerise equipment in your local park or outdoor gym, then speak to us about installing our fitness equipment. Get in touch today!

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High Quality Adult Gym Equipment

Ensuring a healthy lifestyle starts with an active community. We don’t just offer gym equipment. We offer communities a way to contribute to the overall wellbeing of its community members.

Adult outoor gym equipment in local parks and neighbourhoods is the perfect way to bridge the gap between generations. Younger children can play on the playgrounds while the adults in their lives can do a workout on the outdoor equipment.

Our equipment can help develop better cardiovascular health, flexibility, balance, agility, and coordination. Help your community prioritise their health and promote a healthier lifestyle. Get in touch with us for details!

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Bundle Deals

If you’re looking to improve the physical fitness resources  in your area with gym equipment, we can help. Speak to our team about our installation process. We travel throughout the UK, so we can install our outdoor fitness equipment in your area, no matter where you are!

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Cardio Bundle
adult gym equipment bundle
Strength Bundle
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Ultimate Bundle

Need Flooring?

See Our Gym Flooring Options

Not only do we provide high quality gym equipment, but we also make sure to provide flooring options as well. Our Northampton team can equip and install your playground with artificial grass for low maintenance and waterless grass solutions. Speak with us today when you call us at 0333 121 1121, or use our contact form.


Our Products

If you’d like to install our outdoor gym equipment in your area, reach out to our team today! We’d be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about our products or installation process.

Waist Twister
Waist Trainer
arm and pedal bike adult
Arm and Pedal Bike
outdoor bicycle
combi pull and push power challenger
Combi Pull and Push Power Challenger
double health walker
Double Health Walker
double sit up bench
Double Sit Up Bench
double slalom skier
Double Slalom Skier
double squat push
Double Squat Push
sky walker
Sky Walker
Double Pull Up
Double Pull Up
horse rider
Parallel Rails
Parallel Bars
Tai Chi Discs
Tai Chi Discs
Outdoor gym equipment Berkshire

Local Health Initiatives

Outdoor fitness centres for adults are perfect for local councils, parks, and high-end recreation centres. It’s a truly innovative approach to fitness, because adult outdoor fitness centres are free to use facilities that anyone, regardless of age, fitness level or ability, can use.

We see the need for gym equipment that is safe, high quality, and readily available to help unite the local community. Give the adults in your neighbourhood a healthy outlet for socialising that’s great for their cardiovascular health!

Rubber matting flooring outdoor gym

Recommended Activities with Gym Equipment

Mix and match our adult gym equipment to create a package that meets recommendations for aerobic exercise and strength training. You can create a holistic fitness plan by choosing a warm up tool, an aerobic tool and a strength tool.

All of our equipment has listed maximum weights and instructions for use so that an anybody, regardless of skill level or experience, can use them easily.

Let us help you level up the health and fitness of your community. Speak with our Northampton team about our installation process and our products to ensure that you’re creating a complete workout system.

Adult Gym Equipment

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Get in touch with our team to learn more about our service areas, gym equipment, and installation process. For those working with CIF bids, let us know the parameters and requirements for your next installation project. Remember, we also install gym flooring, so your outdoor exercise equipment can look more attractive and be less maintenance.

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At Be Active Gyms, we believe in creating a healthier community. That’s why we offer adult outdoor gym equipment. Read through our frequently asked questions to see if your query can be answered. If you have questions about our installation process, gym equipment, or other matters, don’t hesitate to contact our team today.

How much does it cost to build an outdoor gym?

Contact our team to get an initial quote on your next installation. Our Northampton team is more than happy to speak about the pricing of our fitness packages and individual products.

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