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Timber Equipment: Natural Playgrounds for Children

Timber Trails, Climbing Frames, and Imaginative Play. With a natural range of play equipment promoting balance, coordination, and the use of gross motor skills, we have a range to suit children of all ages. Whether it be an outdoor gym, primary school playgrounds, or natural playgrounds for parks, there is something for everyone.

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Simply the Best Timber Equipment

At BeActive Gyms, we take pride in the knowledge that all of the products we supply and install are manufactured to the highest quality standards. All timber products are checked and certified to comply with BSEN 1176-1:2017 regulations.

We have equipment to suit all ages and abilities and offer both smaller modular pieces of timber equipment along with the larger structures that encompass all the joy of play in one piece.

Visit our entire range of timber equipment products below by clicking on our brochures. If you have any questions, please get in touch with our knowledgeable friendly installation team! 

All Natural Fun!

Timber Equipment Range

Variety is so important when building your own custom natural playground. Our extensive range of high-quality timber equipment has been produced to suit all ages and abilities.

Our Early Years timber equipment provides infants and toddlers with a natural outdoor play environment. Helps to promote social interaction and development whilst exercising and building self-confidence. Our colourful Imaginative designs will be a great addition to any playground.

Adventure Trails and Play Frames are great for encouraging balance, co-ordination, social play and problem solving whilst exercising.

For the older children we provide fitness stations which work well alongside our outdoor gym equipment, these stations encourage cardio and strength building whilst promoting physical health and mental wellbeing.

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Early Years
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Adventure Trails
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Fitness Stations
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Play Frames
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Clamber Stacks

Need Flooring?

See Our Gym Flooring Options

Not only do we provide high quality gym equipment, but we also make sure to provide flooring options as well. Our Northampton team can equip and install your playground with artificial grass for low maintenance and waterless grass solutions. Speak with us today when you call us at 0333 121 1121, or use our contact form.

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Encourage Imagination

The open layout of our timber equipment in natural playgrounds allow children to fill in the gaps with their own imagination. This naturally sparks play and physical activity as children run up and down the wood longs, climb through the netted rop course, and swing from place to place. 

Each piece of timber equipment has its own unique features, from climbing posts to scramble logs to balance beams. Flip through our brochure or click on the specific products for more details. 

To create your own natural playground please contact one of our team and we can advise on which pieces of equipment from our range would suite your needs. 

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A Safe Way to Play

While it is important to let children explore as they play, it is of the utmost importance that they have a safe environment to do so. This is why all our equipment has been independently tested and certified to British and European Standards.

Still have questions? Reach out to our team to discuss all your options when it comes to natural playground equipment.

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To find out more about our service areas, natural playgrounds, timber equipment, and installation procedures, get in touch with our team. If you are using CIF bids, please let us know the specifications for your upcoming installation project. Keep in mind that we also install gym flooring to make your outdoor natural playground more appealing and low-maintenance.

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At Be Active Gyms, we believe in creating a more healthy community. That’s why we offer children’s natural playgrounds and timber equipment. Read through our frequently asked questions to see if your query can be answered. If you have questions about our installation process, gym equipment, or other products, don’t hesitate to contact our team today.

How much does it cost to build a playground with timber equipment?

For a free estimate on your potential timber equipment installation, get in touch with our team. The members of our Northampton team are more than happy to discuss the costs of our packages and specific playground equipment.

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