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Based in Northampton, we supply and install children's gym equipment throughout the UK. If you work with a local council or school, speak with us about installing fitness equipment in your area. Get in touch today!

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Ensuring a healthy lifestyle starts with an active community. We don’t just offer gym equipment. We offer communities a way to contribute to the wellbeing of children. According to government studies, regular activity contributes to emotional and physical health.

Children who participate in routine activity are shown to have improved positive attitudes and greater perseverance. With 30 to 60 minutes of exercise, students can improve their flexibility, balance, agility, and coordination. Make every playground the start of a lifetime of healthy fitness habits. Start with gym equipment.

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If you’re interested in a full playground installation, look at our gym bundles! You’ll be able to find high performance equipment for stellar prices. Save a bundle with our Strength, Cardio and Health and Wellbeing bundles and get a free piece of equipment with your next installation. Speak with our team for more information.

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Need Flooring?

See Our Gym Flooring Options

Not only do we provide high quality gym equipment, but we also make sure to provide flooring options as well. Our Northampton team can equip and install your playground with artificial grass for low maintenance and waterless grass solutions. Speak with us today when you call us at 0333 121 1121, or use our contact form.

Outdoor Exercise Equipment

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If you’re looking to improve the physical education in your area with gym equipment, we can help. Speak to our team about our installation process. We travel throughout the UK. Plus, when you look through our products, you’ll see which fitness package is right for your project.

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Kid's Gym Equipment

School Health Initiatives

Schools across the UK are working with the Department of Education to initiate the School Sports Action Plan and the Childhood Obesity Action Plan. As government standards rise, schools invest in outdoor gym equipment in schools and playgrounds.

Gym equipment can help schools meet and anticipate the needs for improving education standards. We see the need for gym equipment that is safe, high quality and meets standards and criteria for physical education. Our gym equipment targets key muscle groups and focuses on balance, coordination, and agility to meet the School Sports Action Plan goals.

Children's Gym Equipment

Recommended Activities with Gym Equipment

In order to meet recommendations for aerobic exercise and strength training, we recommend that you choose from a variety of our gym equipment. Create a holistic fitness plan by choosing a warm up tool, an aerobic tool and a strength tool.

Children can build muscle groups with resistance training and exercises like sit-ups, squats, press ups, and more. All of our equipment has listed maximum weights and instructions for use so that an adult can help monitor activity for appropriate use.

Furthermore, our gym equipment comes standard with safety features to prevent children from getting caught in the moving parts. Speak with our Northampton team about our installation process and our products to ensure that you’re creating a complete workout system.

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Get in touch with our team to learn more about our service areas, gym equipment, and installation process. For those working with CIF bids, let us know the parameters and requirements for your next installation project. Remember, we also install gym flooring, so your outdoor exercise equipment can look more attractive and be less maintenance.

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At Be Active Gyms, we believe in creating a more healthy community. That’s why we offer children’s gym equipment. Read through our frequently asked questions to see if your query can be answered. If you have questions about our installation process, gym equipment, or other matters, don’t hesitate to contact our team today.

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Contact our team to get an initial quote on your next installation. Our Northampton team is more than happy to speak about the pricing of our fitness packages and individual products.

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