How To Maintain Playground Equipment

How To Maintain Playground Equipment

How To Maintain Playground Equipment

A guide on how to clean and maintain playground equipment with practical advice and clear step by step instructions.

Cleaning and maintaining an outdoor playground is a task that often gets overlooked, with the natural assumption being that rain does the job. While an element of this is true, it is still important to clean and maintain outdoor equipment to keep it functioning at its best and to ensure a hygienic play area.

Here at Be Active Gyms, we supply and install outside gym equipment alongside 4 different types of playground flooring. While our equipment is low upkeep It is important to us that schools and communities know how best to maintain their playgrounds for their longevity and children’s safety. Take a look at the guide below to see what techniques are best for your apparatus.

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Be Active Gyms Playground Equipment Maintenance Guide


It is important to select the correct time to clean your playground equipment to ensure users are not putting themselves in danger or interfering with the process. Pick a time when the area will not be in high demand, i.e. once school is over or during the early morning. 

1/ Remove any debris from the equipment. This is a necessary step because the textured aspect of a playground is an important component in its anti-slip properties, a build-up of leaves, moss or rubbish could lead to the surface becoming a hazard. 

2/ Clean with just water or with a gentle, eco-friendly soap. It is best to avoid harsh chemical cleaners such as bleach when cleaning playgrounds as they may damage the equipment or harm the children. 

For this step, use either a pressure washer or just a damp sponge/cloth to wipe down high-traffic surfaces. However, pressure washing is more a practical and efficient solution if you are covering a large area rather than cleaning by hand.  

*If your playground equipment is made of timber it may require a brief sand down before pressure washing to remove a buildup of residue.

3/ Make sure the bins are empty. Although it sounds obvious, making sure you are on top of waste removal prevents a build-up of rubbish/litter within your playground, as well as stopping bad odours and flies in hot weather. 

4/ Encourage hand sanitising. A sign and hand sanitiser stand is a couple of extra ways you can help keep your playground equipment clean and hygienic.

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Take a look at our range of outdoor gym equipment and playground flooring to see if we have the right option for your outdoor space. With a choice of gym equipment and 4 styles of flooring, we have something for everyone! Get in touch with us today via our online contact form, or call us on 333 121 1121 to find out what we can do for your school or community. 

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