Long Sutton Primary School Bidding started fundraising for Outdoor Gym

Long Sutton Primary School Bidding started fundraising for Outdoor Gym

Long Sutton Primary School Bidding started fundraising for Outdoor Gym


Read on to see what Spalding Today had to say about a recent fundraising effort for Be Active Gyms’ equipment.

You can find the original online publication of the article on Spalding Today’s website.

Parents and families of children at a primary school are asking for sponsorship and donations towards gym equipment.

The Friends of Long Sutton County Primary School have started a Fundraising for Fitness campaign to acquire new equipment for pupils to be able to use during playtime and as part of the curriculum.

So far just under £10,000 has been raised through fundraising events and a further £7,000 approximately is required to purchase the apparatus from Be Active Gyms who will install it.

Sutton Primary School Bidding to Fund Outdoor Gym Equipment

Laura Goodger, a committee member and parent with a child in Year 3 and another to enter reception is appealing to businesses to donate funds to help reach their goal.

Mrs Goodger (38) said: “We are looking to put a children’s gym outside with 30 stations including leg presses and rowers.

“The wooden trail is now condemned and there is nothing to occupy the kids at break times.

“The equipment is aimed at encouraging fitness and coordination and to be used as frequently as possible.

“It can be used in PE as part of the curriculum and in the chidren’s’ free time.

“It will have artificial grass and can be used throughout the year.”

Sutton Primary School's Outdoor Gym Equipment

Mrs Goodger hopes another couple of fundraising events will raise some funds, with a colour dash that took place Thursday night and a bouncy fun day in the school holidays.

She said: “We hope that we will possibly raise a couple of thousand for those but how do we get that last bit.

“We have tried grants and applied for funding but no success as yet.

“With a couple of businesses on board to donate we will add their name onto the equipment.”

children's outdoor gym installation

Tracey Sandall, sales manager, Be Active Gyms, said: “We are delighted to provide Long Sutton County Primary School with our outdoor gym equipment that the school, PTA and Friends Committee have worked so hard to fundraise for.

“The large gym will encourage fitness and wellbeing which in turn will help to create a healthy lifestyle to benefit the children now and for years to come.”

To help with the Fundraising For Fitness appeal contact Mrs Laura Goodger on 07960 608467 or email loo.goodger@gmail.com and visit www.longsutton.lincs.sch.uk for further information.

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