How Much Is Playground Equipment?

How Much Is Playground Equipment?

How Much Is Playground Equipment?

Here at Be Active Gyms, we offer a range of playground equipment bundles priced from £4,459 to £9,163, depending on what you are looking for. Choose from our selection of strength, cardio, health and wellbeing, and ultimate bundles to ensure your students or community can target all areas of the body. You even get a free piece of equipment if you buy from one of our bundles. Moreover, these bundles can save you a significant amount of money compared to buying our playground equipment separately. Find out more about our fantastic range of playground equipment, their benefits, and how much they cost.

Strength Bundle

If you are looking to increase the strength of your students or community, then our strength bundle is for you. Our strength bundle includes our horse rider, double strength challenger, waist trainer, rower, leg stretch, and double sit-up bench. This bundle comes to £4,459, including installation, and saves you £1,448 if you didn’t buy them separately. Encourage your students or community members to increase their muscles and work out different areas of their bodies by installing this playground equipment. Our waist twister and double sit-up bench allows them to work out with friends, which means they can have fun while getting out some energy, too! 

Strength Bundle

Cardio Bundle

Heavy-duty rubber matting has a wide variety of useful applications as it possesses many properties that can enhance safety. Great for both out and inside, rubber matting can be used in commercial kitchens, sHelp your students or community increase their cardio and flexibility by installing our cardio bundle into your school or playground. This playground equipment bundle includes our skywalker, double slalom skier, arm and pedal bike, double health walker, horse rider, and double strength challenger. This bundle comes to £5,449, including installation, and saves you £988 if all equipment is bought together. This variety of equipment allows your students or community members to increase their fitness levels while feeling like it’s a fun game with their friends. All our playground equipment products come with safety features and instructions on how to use them safely for your peace of mind.

Cardio Bundle How much is playground equipment

Cardio Bundle 2

We also have another cardio bundle that you can add to your current playground equipment area to increase the agility of your students or community members. This bundle includes our rower, double slalom skier, arm and pedal bike, double health walker, horse rider, and waist trainer. Like our first cardio bundle, this one is priced at £5,449, but you save £1,440 overall! If you are looking for opportunities for your students or community to work out together, then this is the bundle for you. Our double health walker, double slalom skier and waist trainer make it easy for them to partner with a friend while training areas of their bodies.

Cardio Gym Equipment Bundle How Much is playground Equipment

Health and Wellbeing Bundle

As we know, getting in your daily exercise can help increase your mental health significantly. Here at Be Active Gyms, we are always searching for ways to help children get the perfect balance of looking after their physical and mental health. That’s why you should install this playground equipment in your school or community. Our health and wellbeing bundle includes the waist trainer, double health walker, double strength trainer, rower, double slalom skier, horse rider, leg stretch, and arm and pedal bike. This bundle costs £7,469, including installation and saves you £1,892! Install an outstanding selection of playground equipment into your schools or parks so you can encourage fun but efficient workouts. 

Health & Wellbeing Gym how much is playground Equipment

Ultimate Bundle

The last of our playground equipment bundles is our ultimate bundle. This bundle has been created to target every area of your body and includes a mixture of our strength and cardio playground equipment products. This bundle includes our double health walker, waist trainer, skywalker, rower, arm and pedal, double slalom skier, double sit-up bench, tai chi discs, horse rider, double strength challenger, and leg stretcher. Our ultimate bundle costs £9,163, including installation, and will save you £2,408.

Ultimate Gym Equipment How much is playground equipment

Playground Equipment Prices

If you are interested in installing our range of playground equipment, then get in touch with our team to find out more about our prices. You can use our online contact form or call us at 033 121 1121, and we will be happy to help. 

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