How To Clean Gym Flooring

How To Clean Gym Flooring

How To Clean Gym Flooring

A guide on how to clean and maintain different types of gym flooring with practical advice and clear instructions.

Cleaning gym flooring can be a thankless, often arduous task. However, given the nature of gym equipment use, it is one that needs to be done. Depending on the type of flooring your gym possesses, cleaning can vary from material to material, so make sure you find out how best to take care of your gym floor!

Here at Be Active Gyms, we supply and install 4 different types of gym flooring – alongside our children’s gym equipment – for schools and communities to choose from. One of the key benefits of gym flooring is that it is low maintenance. Instead of dealing with the constant upkeep of outdoor grass, weeds, and line marking, our flooring means constant areas of play without constant care.

That being said, for obvious reasons, it is still necessary to clean your gym flooring every now and again. Take a look at the guide below to see what techniques are best for your gym floor.

How to Clean Gym Flooring

Be Active Gyms Floor Cleaning Guide

Rubber Matting

When cleaning rubber matting gym flooring, it is especially important to remove any debris that has begun to build up. This is because the textured aspect of the floor is an important component in its shock absorbent and anti-slip properties, a build-up of leaves or moss etc, could lead to the surface becoming a hazard. 

Depending on if the build-up is dry or wet, an array of tools can be used for this task; a stiff-bristled brush, leaf blower or pressure washer are all useful instruments for this. Make sure any weeds are also removed, and your rubber flooring should be as good as new!

Rubber Mulch / Wet Pour Safety Surfacing

If you have rubber mulch or wet pour safety surfacing as your gym floor, it is important to sweep it regularly to remove any debris and prevent build-up. It may be easier to use a leaf blower if your flooring is vast and under tree cover. Gum and other similar substances should be removed immediately to prevent them from hardening and blocking the holes in the surface.

Once the debris is removed, these surfaces are easy to clean with just water, as they are materials that don’t rot! Pressure washers do an excellent job of power cleaning rubber mulch and wet pour without the need for other products. However, you can use a mild, eco-friendly detergent to help sanitize the area should you wish.

As is the case with any type of gym flooring, high-traffic gyms will need to be cleaned more frequently. 

Artificial Grass

If you have artificial grass as your gym flooring, it is important to prevent the build up of debris, moss and weeds in order to keep your floor looking and functioning at its best. Similarly to real grass, heavy traffic may lead to the artificial pile looking flat and a little sad. 

Remove debris and pluck any weeds or air-born spores that begin to grow, then simply brush with a stiff bristle brush to bring life back to the artificial pile.

Artificial grass will usually self-clean in the rain, but If necessary, a quick rinse with a hose or pressure washer and a gentle weed killer can also be applied.

Be Active Gym Flooring

Take a look at our range of outdoor flooring to see if we have the right option for your gym. With a choice of rubber matting, rubber mulch, wet pour safety surfacing, and artificial grass, we have something for everyone – alongside our children’s gym equipment, of course. Get in touch with us today via our online contact form, or call us on 333 121 1121 to find out what we can do for your school or community. 

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