Where To Buy Playground Equipment

Where To Buy Playground Equipment

Where To Buy Playground Equipment

If you are looking to buy playground equipment, then you are in luck! At Be Active Gyms, we install a wide range of playground equipment across the UK. We provide high-quality children’s gym equipment that is fun and safe for your students or community to use. We offer different playground equipment that can target other areas of the body. From cardio to strength training to health and wellbeing, our products are perfect for creating a healthy daily routine for your students or community. 

If you are interested in buying playground equipment, get in touch with our team today! Our team is happy to provide more information or discuss our installation process with you. 

Children’s Gym Equipment Bundles

We offer a variety of playground equipment that can be installed in your local park or school. Our playground equipment can come in bundles, so you can get a great selection of gym equipment at a good price. Whether you want to increase your student’s or community members’ fitness or strength, we have the bundle for you.

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Strength Bundle

Our strength bundle is a selection of playground equipment that helps your children or students feel stronger. This bundle includes our horse rider, double strength challenger, waist trainer, rower, leg stretch, and double sit-up bench. Some of these products can be used with a friend, so it will significantly motivate your students or community to come together and enjoy advancing their skills. This bundle currently costs £4,459, including the installation process, so if you are interested in this bundle, contact our team today.

Cardio Bundle

If you prefer to target your students’ agility and coordination, then our cardio bundle is for you. This bundle consists of our skywalker, double slalom skier, arm and pedal bike, double health walker, horse rider, and double strength challenger. It’s an excellent opportunity to provide your students or community with an option to get out their energy in a fun and playful way. They can target their arms, legs and hips by using the different playground equipment included in this bundle. This bundle is currently priced at £5,449, including installation, so please contact our team to inquire today. 

Cardio 2 Bundle

We also offer another cardio bundle, so there are more opportunities to help increase the flexibility and balance of your students and community. This bundle includes our rower, double slalom skier, arm and pedal bike, double health walker, horse rider, and waist trainer. This bundle contains more playground equipment that multiple people can use at the same time, so if you prefer to have an option for collaboration, then consider this one. Priced at £5,449, including installation, you can help create a new, safe way for your students or community to play. Contact our team to get started. 

Health and Wellbeing Bundle

The health and wellbeing bundle is our most extensive selection of playground equipment. This bundle includes our popular equipment products, such as the waist trainer, double health walker, leg stretcher, rower and much more. Our health and wellbeing bundle is a combination of the strength and cardio bundles. Costing £7,469, this is a great deal compared to if you bought them individually. If this sounds interesting and useful for your students and community, get in touch with our team.

Ultimate Bundle

Finally, our ultimate bundle includes eleven pieces of playground equipment that target every area of the body. It’s a great mix of strength and flexibility training while still being fun and safe to use. This bundle includes our products, such as a double health walker, tai chi discs, a strength challenger, and much more. This bundle costs £9,168, including installation, but will save you £2,408. Provide your students and community with a great strength and fitness plan by contacting our team.

Playground Equipment Be Active Gyms

At Be Active Gyms, we are proud that we can offer a fantastic selection of playground equipment to schools or councils across the country. We aim to help children improve their fitness skills in a fun and accessible environment. If you would like to install any of our products and bundles, then please contact our team using our online contact form or by calling us at 0333 121 1121.

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